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Product Code: MCCPROMO

Ahoy Captain!


You have correctly navigated to one of the greatest savings page on our website!


Here is an outline on how the Captain’s Club’s memberships work:

Membership in the Club will allow you to receive (in addition to other benefits) a 10% discount on all Marine Mart pricing ALL YEAR LONG within the same calendar year.


Membership will cost $30 for the calendar year when this promotion is over.

But right now, it’s actually offered for free with any purchases over 200$ (before taxes)!

That’s right, free!! (ends July 21st 2024)

Use the following coupon code at checkout: MCC


Just add this product to your cart and you are then immediately eligible to use coupon code MCC now and for all your next purchases this year (expires Dec 31st2024).


The best part is that you can apply the 10% immediately!


That’s right, it’s that great!



Let’s take an example of some of the savings

If you buy now 300$ of products before taxes, then add this membership for $0.01 in your cart, your subtotal will be 300.01$ at checkout. At checkout, its time to add your MCC coupon code and your subtotal will now be 270$ before taxes. You got a free membership for the year + already saved an extra 30$!

As a member, you will be eligible to make repeat purchases using the same coupon code MCC throughout the year and keep saving 10%, even when its time for winterizing!


If you later buy in stores, you are all set! Our computers will let us know you’re a member when you give us your phone number or email. We will add your discount there too!


So go ahead and click ‘add to my shopping cart’ now and start saving!



All memberships will expire on December 31st 2024 and will need to be renewed the following year.

For complete terms and conditions, click here:

Any customer who applies the coupon code without being a member will be contacted and charged back a membership fee to complete the order.






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