Marine Mart Inc. L’Entrepôt Marine Inc. AMMA Marine Inc. are members of a Marine Consortium comprised of three independent companies working synergistically to design, manufacture, import, distribute and retail marine accessories products.
The Consortium has a widely-recognized impact in the Canadian, U.S. and International marine accessories business as an emerging leader, backed by a proven record of corporate growth and profitability. Marine Mart Inc. L’Entrepôt Marine Inc. and AMMA Marine Inc. are currently and respectfully, the fastest growing 
companies in the Canadian marine accessories industry.
Marine Mart Inc., L’Entrepôt Marine Inc., specializes in retail sales of marine parts and accessories. AMMA Marine Inc. is an importer and wholesale marine distributor of After Market Marine Accessories.  AMMA Marine Inc. also manufactures private label products under the AMMA Marine brand name.  The choice of products and accessories available represents almost 100% of after-market marine products available to consumers.

Marine accessories include a vast range of products from craft propulsion and replacement parts and repair kits, to plumbing, electrical and navigation equipment, to safety, maintenance, mooring, storage and recreational products. We serve clients needs for the smallest to largest crafts, offering in excess of 50,000 products. We offer a full range of products in multiple brands, sizes, colors and quality to boating and marine consumers throughout the year.
Here you will enjoy the boating life at lower prices!!
If you are passionate about boating and customer service and have financial resources, leadership, and business skills, we would love to talk to about becoming a franchise owner and internet fulfillment center.
Welcome to Marine Mart Inc. L’Entrepôt Marine Inc., AMMA Marine Inc., where our goal is to satisfy your 
every boating accessory needs...

In Business since: 2000
Training: Yes
Corporate Stores: 4                                 
Available Territories: Qc, Nb, On, Man, Alb.
Franchise Stores: 1                                 
Internet sales: Over $1M 
Initial Legal Fees: applicable
Corporate sales: Over $10M
Investment required: $200,000

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