Security and Personal Informations

1. Services and links on our website

Our website does not enable our visitors to communicate with other visitors or to publish information that would be accessible to other visitors.

This web site contains links to other websites. Be advised that Marine Mart is not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites. The privacy statement applies only to this Web site. We recommend to be careful when leaving this site and encourage you to read the privacy statement of each site you visit, especially when you place online orders.

2. Automatic Collection of Information

We combine the data from the website visits and also anonymous and specific data from identified persons for certain purposes:

  • Technical administration of the website;
  • Improved ergonomics and navigation of our website;
  • Customers management;
  • Marketing;

3. Use of cookies

Cookies are pieces of information stored on your computer. They are not used to store personal or confidential information.

However, we use cookies to store information improving online experience. We retain the language of use of the site and a witness that allows you to customize the site with the information about you when you have logged in by entering your username and password.

You can disable cookies. However, you will be unable to place orders online.

4. Collection and use of your personal data

We only store the personal data of visitors who have registered to use our services.

5. Disclosure

We do not disclose your personal information to our dealers, our divisions or other businesses. Your personal data will not be disclosed to government institutions or authorities unless required by applicable law.

6. Access to personal data we hold

You can ask us about all the personal information we hold about you by writing us at . We will provide you with the requested information within a period of one week. Proof of identification may be required. This information is provided free of charge.

We reserve the right to refuse your request to access your information. In this case, as to the reasons for the refusal.

You can change or update your personal information by logging on our website.

7. Support for our Statement of Confidentiality

For any questions about our privacy statement, please contact us by email at .

8. Security Policy

All of your personal information is securely transmitted using an encryption key SSL (Secure Socket Layer) of GeoTrust.

We have implemented policies, rules and technical measures to protect your personal information:

  • Can not be available without authorization;
  • Can not be disclosed or misused;
  • Can not be altered without authorization;
  • Can not be destroyed or lost;

All credit card information is encrypted during the transaction. We do not store credit card numbers on our servers. All servers are secured and protected by the best firewall on the market. Physical access to these servers is limited and controlled.

Employees with access to such data or their processing are bound by a confidentiality agreement regarding personal information.

For these controls and procedures, we guarantee a very safe buy online. In fact, it is much safer to shop on Marine Mart than in a restaurant or gas station.