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  • plasticlip for gps
  • Code: ADS58310
  • For t.56 and t.50 gps, and c.56 combo  Features: 1 plastic clip to be adapted on any rail ø 18.5 to 25.5 mm Designed to fit br...

Suggested Retail Price $24.99
  • universal amplified am / fm antenna
  • Code: AMMA44UA50
  • Universal am/fm amplified antenna. Easy installation. Plug and play style connection. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Amplifies the signal reception of am and fm band...

Suggested Retail Price $39.98
  • Bluetooth Control Box
  • Code: AMMAWKBC
  • Bluetooth Control Box Amma Marine products are quality built products, specifically tailored to the marine pleasure boat market. With an Amma Marine product you know you will enjoy ...

Suggested Retail Price $114.98
  • Communications Caddy
  • Code: BOT2135
  • 2135 communications caddy This compact, easy to mount organizer holds most hand-held vhf radios. Small enough to fit near the helm of the smallest boat. Mounts on the back...

Suggested Retail Price $17.98
  • Bronze through hull triducer
  • Code: CBRCM610-002
  • Dual frequency 50/200, depth, speed, temperature, 500 watt maximum.. Greatly improved high speed performance at both 50 khz and 200 khz when installed with a high performance fairing. Se...

Suggested Retail Price $389.99
  • In hull (shoot-through) with adjustable base
  • Code: CBRCM610-003
  • Dual frequency 50/200, depth only, 500 watt maximum Easily adjusts to any deadrise angle up to 22 degrees/can be removed in seconds for servicing or storage Transmits sound wave...

Suggested Retail Price $119.99
Suggested Retail Price $219.99
  • am / fm / mp3 w / 2 speaker 6.5''
  • Code: DUAAMCP615BT
  • this new receiver features a large, 3” qvga tft multi-line, full-color lcd (320 x 240) with stunning, 3d-like background graphics. the scrolling display shows album art and artist/song info...

Suggested Retail Price $389.98
  • Code: DUACMX5GH
  • This watertight, fully-enclosed, gimbal housing accommodates most 1.0 DIN receivers. The transparent fold-down door with rubber seal and positive locking door mechanism guards the receiver against water splashes ...

Suggested Retail Price $114.98
  • Code: DUADM1016S
  • UV resistant ABS basket  10" Polypropylene woofer cone  Ferrite woofer magnet  Double stacked magnet:  76.4oz (38.2 X 2)  Blue illumiNITE'" LED accent lightingN...

Suggested Retail Price $219.98
  • Code: DUADMA4100BT
  • Wirelessly stream audio from virtually any Bluetooth device -- quick and easy. Instantly stream your favorite songs from your smartphone or tablet. You can also stream your favorite inte...

Suggested Retail Price $499.98
  • 3.5mm male-to-male aux. cable
  • Code: DUADMC35
  • • corrosion resistant gold plated connectors • universal connection for mp3 players • 1 meter length • 3.5mm to 3.5mm...

Suggested Retail Price $10.98
  • white marine speakers / pr
  • Code: DUADMP672
  • features • uv-resistant construction • 1-piece basket with water shield • injection-molded polypropylene cone • poly-coated cloth surround • stainless steel mounting hardware • 1-year limit...

Suggested Retail Price $69.98
  • wht marine speakers 6½" 3 way 50w rms
  • Code: DUADMS365
  • dual dms365 3-way marine speakers are suited for installation into boats and other watercraft because they are specifically designed to last in harsh marine environments. the speakers have a on...

Suggested Retail Price $95.98
  • marine speakers 6x 9" 3 way 50w rms
  • Code: DUADMS369
  • dual dms369 3-way marine speakers are suited for installation into boats and other watercraft because they are specifically designed to last in harsh marine environments. the speakers have a on...

Suggested Retail Price $124.99
  • Marine speakers 6 x 9" / 80w rms wht
  • Code: DUADMS692
  • The dms692 marine-rated speakers will make your music sound great, whether you're out on the water or relaxing at the dock. These rugged 2-way 6"x9" speakers...

Suggested Retail Price $134.99
  • Code: DUADMS8027
  • Blue illumiNITE™ LED lighting UV-resistant construction UV-resistant ABS basket with water shield Stainless steel mounting hardware 1-year limited warranty ...

Suggested Retail Price $219.98
  • Code: DUADMW807
  • 8” 2-Way design IP66 waterproof rating Injection-molded polypropylene woofer cone with rubber surround  1” (25 mm) Titanium dome tweeter  Sealed cabinet ...

Suggested Retail Price $369.98
  • 3.5mm & usb to rca & usb adaptor
  • Code: DUAIP35USB
  • • allows the 3.5mm and usb aux inputs to be mounted in the boat's console for easy access • ideal for gauge hole receivers and other receivers with rear ...

Suggested Retail Price $39.99
  • Iplug audio interface adaptor
  • Code: DUAIP35WG
  • The ip35wg allows you to listen to any portable music, video, or multimedia player equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack. • Uses 3.5mm headphone jack to connect digital mus...

Suggested Retail Price $39.99
  • 4" 3-way 100w speakers white
  • Code: DUALU43PW
  • Listen to your favorite soundtracks with excellent audio quality using the dual lu43pw indoor-outdoor speakers. These indoor/outdoor speakers deliver a 100w audio power, and it come with a...

Suggested Retail Price $71.98
  • Code: DUALU47PB
  • 2x Dual Electronics LU47PB 4 Inch 100-Watt 3-Way Indoor / Outdoor High Performance Bookshelf Studio Monitor Black Speakers w/ Swivel Brackets , Enrock 16-G 50 Ft Audio Speaker Wire...

Suggested Retail Price $89.98
  • Code: DUALU47PW
  • RMS Power Output 50 W Peak Power Output 200 W Woofer size 4" Frequency Response 100 Hz - 20kHz Tweeter size 20 mm Impeda...

Suggested Retail Price $89.98
  • marine rubber am / fm antenna blk
  • Code: DUAMAR16B
  • this rugged marine antenna gives you excellent performance, long-lasting durability, and plenty of mounting options. the flexible mast helps it withstand bracing winds, while the corrosion-resistant rubber exterior ensu...

Suggested Retail Price $32.98