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  • blades xl wakeskis
  • the latest addition to the wakeski family is the body glove “blades xl”. these skis are slightly longer and have a flat bottom to radically launch the rider off the...

  • Code: BGW269
Suggested Retail Price $279.99
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Suggested Retail Price $269.99
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  • Wide inflatable design provides a steady platform for easy learning. Included fins provide great maneuverability for lightweight and beginner riders. Removable wood ski inserts turn the Sit N&rs...

  • Code: BGWIT2011
  • The most portable WaterMat, it can be used for day trips as an instant float. No need to inflate so it won't pop or burst. No assembly required. No sharp...

  • Code: KWIAHWM-11
Suggested Retail Price $549.98
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  • kids trainer water skis
  • rave's kid's trainer water skis feature a wide design and stabilizer bar that make learning to ski easy and ensure control. includes a unique, two handle system that allows for...

  • Code: RAV02396
Suggested Retail Price $299.98
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  • jr. shredder combo water skis
  • the wide shape of the jr. shredder combo water skis allow for younger skiers to balance easier on the water. the pre-mounted slalom toe allows for a quick transiti...

  • Code: RAV02397
Suggested Retail Price $329.98
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  • rhyme adult combo water skis
  • rave's rhyme shaped combos make learning to ski, and advancing your skills easy and fun. the wide body style and parabolic side of the rhyme combo water skis make deep...

  • Code: RAV02398
Suggested Retail Price $359.98
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  • pure adult combo water skis
  • the pure combo water skis are perfect for recreational skiers at a variety of skill levels. rave's pure combo waterskis feature a square nose with narrow fin. the double densit...

  • Code: RAV02399
Suggested Retail Price $349.98
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