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Product Code: AMMA2STRKDFI1L


Amma marine oil a high quality ashless 2-stroke engine oil specially designed for use in water-cooled 2-stroke engines. It meets or exceeds NMMA TC-W3® performance requirements, TC and JASQ FB API for 2-stroke engines. Can be used for direct injection oil systems and premixed. It’s formulation makes it possible to minimize the adhesion of the piston ringsand the deposits in the exhaust ports in order to maintain good power in 2-stroke engines plus protects against cylinder scarring. It also helps to reduce the risk of fouling spark plugs and pre-ignition. She offers protection against rust and corrosion during the season and in storage. It is pre-diluted with a solvent low volatility facilitating mixing with gasoline at low temperatures in premix applications. Meets and exceeds quality performance JASO, ISO, API & NMMA for advanced generation 2 cycle lubricant. Will not void manufacturer’s warranty. Good for Johnson/Evinrude E-Tech

Applications - For all 2-stroke engines :
  • Boats - Watercraft - Snowmobiles - Motorcycles. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Notes: For pre-mixed engines, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for selecting the appropriate fuel / oil mixture ratio.
  • Meets all warranty requirements of outboard engine and marine motorcycle manufacturers requiring the use of TC-W3 oil.
  •  Its formulation with dispersant / ashless detergents minimizes deposits in the engine and prevents pre-ignition.
  •  Reduces piston ring adhesion and clogging exhaust outlets.
  • Prevents piston and cylinder seizure.
  • Offers better lubrication.
  • Reduces the fouling of candles.
  • Good protection against rust and corrosion.
  •  Keeps the engine components clean.
  • Blends easily with gasoline at low temperatures.
  • Tinted for better visibility when mixed with fuel.
  • Suitable for direct or pre-mixed oil injection engines.

Amma Marine products are quality built products, specifically tailored to the marine pleasure boat market. With an Amma Marine product you know you will enjoy it for a long time. Amma Marine stands by its products and offers the best warranty in the industry. Should you have a problem with any Amma Marine product, contact your closest Amma products retailer, and in most cases, they will be happy to offer you an over-the-counter exchange. Patent pending.

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