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Marine Mart is proud to partner with Clean Way Fuel Fill to keep our waterways free of fuel spills.

Clean Way™ Fuel Fill captures fuel spills before they happen!

Clean Way™ Fuel Fill, is now available at Marine Mart!
Clean Way, with its ingenious patented design, is the new solution
for totally spill-free boat refueling. No more fuel-soaked rags
or lingering fumes. Just one cup of spilled fuel can quickly
contaminate 62,000 gallons of water! Help protect 
our precious environment everyy time you refuel. 
Order your Clean Way today. 

Clean Way Fuel Fill is designed for horizontal deck fills and deck fills on angle of up to 45°

• baffle design catches overflow and drains back into tank
• adapters and fittings included
• heavy-duty material
• patented design, 3-year warranty

Marine Mart encourages boaters everywhere to keep our lakes, rivers, and streams free of fuel spills.

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