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Winter Preparation Guide For Your Boat And Engine

Proper preparation of the boat for the winter season allows finding the boat in great shape in the spring. The engine deserves special attention in order to avoid frost damage and corrosion.

First, be sure to read the owner's manual thoroughly to do the work according to the maintenance manual. Never operate your engine in the absence of water circulation in the gear case to prevent damage to the water pump and cause the engine to overheat in seconds.

Marine Mart suggests the following steps to store / winterize your boat. It is IMPORTANT to always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

The Engine Preparation :

  • Add a gasoline stabilizer to maintain the level of octane and prevent varnish formation in the fuel pump, fill the gas tank.

  • Add a water absorber, if necessary, in the fuel tank.
  • Add a gasoline stabilizer to maintain the level of octane and prevent varnish formation in the fuel pump, fill the gas tank.

  • Start the engine. Run the engine about 10 minutes. This will increase the fluidity of the engine oil; will allow the gas/fuel stabilizer to flow through the gasoline and to open the thermostat so that the antifreeze circulates in the water circuit.

  • Stop the engine. Replace the water supply hose with the one on the winterizing kit that you'll have previously filled with non-flammable, non-toxic antifreeze. Make sure there is enough antifreeze for the engine running for at least 90 seconds. (Approximately 4 gallons).

  • Remove the engine cover and the air filter if the engine has one.

  • Restart the engine. The engine cooling conduit will now powered by antifreeze. While the engine is running, the engine cooling system discharges the water and replaces it with antifreeze. The mixture will become gradually concentrated antifreeze. After using the 3/4 antifreeze in the tank, proceed to the next step.
  • Spray fogging oil in each of the carburetor entries. When the engine lets out of the blue smoke, you can close the engine (for an injection engine, spray into the air inlet). Please note that some engines are equipped with a specific entree for the fogging oil.
  • Loosen all the drains of the engine to discharge the antifreeze in the bilge
  • Remove the spark plugs momentarily to spray fogging oil into each cylinder in order to protect corrosion of cylinders

  • Now is the time to do the oil changes, filter housing, oil in the base, fuel and water separator filters.
  • Spray a corrosion inhibitor on all metal components of the engine. This product is a moisture repellent; it prevents corrosion, verdigris and rust from forming. This product will evaporate quickly under the heat of the motor when restarted in the spring.

  • Paint the base if necessary. Use of the zinc chromate primer.
  • Change the anodes (zincs or aluminum or magnesium) as needed.
  • Perform a tune-up if necessary : Distributor, spikes, spinning, water pump, thermostat. Candles, they will be replaced in the spring after the restart
  • spin
  • Store or lock the base and the propeller (semi outboard).
  • Lubricate moving parts (ball joints, grease fittings, cable joints, steering cable, etc.)


Preparation of the boat :

  • Clean the hull, remove zebra mussels and silt.
  • Add non-toxic antifreeze in all plumbing lines of the boat.

  • Circulate the non-toxic antifreeze in the bilge pump and aerator pump (if the boat is equipped with one).

  • Circulate the non-toxic antifreeze in the toilet and septic tank..

  • Circulate the non-toxic antifreeze in the water tanks and run the taps and shower (s).

  • Place dehumidifiers in each cabin in the toilet compartment and the engine compartment

  • Store any batteries in a cool, dry place. Remember to recharge during the winter to keep the battery cells activate.

  • Wrap the boat with a shrinkable plastic and make sure to provide a good aeration. Marine Mart provides everything you need to wrap your boat available for purchase or lease and the necessary documentation to learn how to do it.

  • Add to ventilation hatches on the narrowed film

  • Lift the trailer on blocks, if possible, to reduce the pressure on the springs and wheels (use supports specially designed for storage).

  • Remove anything that could be stolen or damaged by frost on board.

  • Do not store your boat outdoors using your transport canvas.

  • Repair components of the trailer
    (carpets, rolls, jack, etc)


Necessary for wintering (check list):

Water Absorber for fixed fuel tank.
Rinsing adapter (required for operating the engine out of the water)
Antifreeze, non-toxic and non-flammable, for plumbing, for inboard engine and outboard semi and water supply pipes and water tanks.
Motor antifreeze (motor for cooling closed circuit).
Propeller Lock
Trailer Lock
Motor Lock
Engine degreaser and bilge cleaner
Dehumidifier (for habitable boats)
Rust Remover
Gelcoat repair kit
Fuel filter
Oil filters (inboard engine or semi outboard or outboard four times).
Water separator/filter (semi outboard motor equipped with this system)
Motor oil (inboard engine or semi outboard or outboard four-stroke).
Gear Oil.
Interprotect and antifouling paint
Seals (2) for the gear case screws.
Hull cleaner (aluminum or fiber as appropriate)
Back Streak Remover
Spray paint to touch up the engine
Pump for motor oil change.
Pump for gear oil change.
Corrosion protection spray
Fuel stabilizer (with fungicide for diesel)
Locking system for the stern drive
Oil absorber for the bilge (semi outboard)
Shock treatment for drinking water reservoir.
Shock treatment for toilet and septic tank.

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