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Product Code: SIE18-7914

MERC (Long) OIL FILTER. 4T 25 @ 90hp Remplace Mercury/Force: 35-822626 1, 35-822626A 2, 35-822626K04, 35-822626Q04, 35-822626Q05, 35-822626Q 2, 35-822626T 2, 35-877768K01, 35-8M0008397, 35-8M00635103 et 35-8M0065104 - Fram: PH7317 - Wix: 51356

Amma Marine products are quality built products, specifically tailored to the marine pleasure boat market. With an Amma Marine product you know you will enjoy it for a long time. Amma Marine stands by its products and offers the best warranty in the industry. Should you have a problem with any Amma Marine product, contact your closest Amma products retailer, and in most cases, they will be happy to offer you an over-the-counter exchange. Patent pending.
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